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Doe Camp: Machine Quilting Event

Doe Camp was such a success last year and there was such a demand for us to do it again...  So here we go!!  
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ~ November 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2020

Come and join us for Doe Camp 2020! A great opportunity to join in some fun with fellow quilters... 

Hosted at:
The American Legion Post #27
Boardman Street
Middlebury, VT
  (Behind G. Stone Motors)

The Quilters’ Corner is proud to announce we have scheduled another Machine Quilting Event. This Event will offer five skilled teachers ready to show you different methods for completing your quilt tops. There will be ‘Break Out’ sessions, allowing you to see up close and personal each method with practice sessions following. This is not a time to complete a quilt, but to practice these skills and to give you knowledge to quilt your own quilts. There will be an opportunity for you to bring a small completed top/wall hanging to sign up for a brief small group session with one of the teachers and brainstorm quilting ideas. You will come away with the freedom and skills to quilt your own quilts at home, on your domestic sewing machine.

We feel this is an Event that folks with be talking about for quite some time.  1/3 of the 2018 enrollment were folks joining us from 2017.  We are very blessed with these fabulous teachers willing to share their knowledge.

The Retreat will include 8' Table/Space per person
Dinner in-house Friday and at the Waybury Inn on Saturday
Light Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
Snacks and Water

Meet Our Teachers:

Carla Berno: Carla is the proud owner of The Quilters’ Corner at Middlebury Sew –N-Vac. She has been sewing since she was 7 years old, when she joined a local 4-H Club. She possesses a deep interest in the history of quilting, appreciating the quilting methods of the past; while embracing the quilting methods of today. Carla enjoys discovering new ways that the modern sewing machines can support the sewing and quilting needs of today's sewing and quilting people. Carla attends seminars and workshops several times a year, keeping up-to-date on the latest technology and methods both in sewing and in quilting. She enjoys teaching others the skills to express their own creativity.

Carol Bloomhardt: I learned to sew when I was 10 on my grandmother's Singer treadle machine. I made my first quilt for my daughter when she went to college in 2002. A friend convinced me that a paper-pieced ‘Storm at Sea’ would be easy!  Not the best beginning pattern, but the finished quilt hooked me on a new hobby. After I saw an ad for a Janome embroidery machine that also did quilting, I decided to go for it. I have done everything from a baby quilt to a king size quilt. I use my own designs as well as commercial designs. 

Donna Hamill:   In 1983 I took a machine piecing class that taught how to do accurate seams, appliqué, set in seams and a king size sampler quilt which I hand quilted for a wedding gift. The second "aha" was learning to quilt baby quilts on my machine (Pfaff 1209)  and I was off and running, well ditching. Then Harriet Hargrave's 'Heirloom Machine Book' opened up even more possibilities with free motion quilting. She wrote how to do it and I was a believer.  I knew I was hooked when the first thing I would do was turn  the quilt over to see how the stitching looked on the back!  It is absolutely the best to see how quilting changes a flat quilt top into a beautiful quilt.  Even ugly tops look better!  And that king size hand quilted one... they got divorced. 

Norma Ippolito: Norma is a retired classroom teacher who brings years of experience to the planning and teaching of quilting classes. She has been piecing for 25 years and machine quilting seriously for 5 years. She has won several local and national awards and enjoys the challenge of filling the piecing and negative space with quilting designs that complement the quilt. Free form feathers are her specialty, and she is also intrigued with combining traditional and modern quilting designs. Norma has won numerous National Awards at MQX, Houston, Road to California, and the Vermont Quilt Festival, where she has won Best of Show, Governor’s Award, and Best Machine Quilted Piece on Domestic Machine.

Carolyn Nieschouski: I have been quilting for nearly 28 years. I was a very traditional quilter for over 24 years,  but more recently became interested in modern quilting. I am a retired registered nurse from NY. I moved to Vermont in 2006 and have been working at Country Treasures in Chester.  I began teaching for Sue Ashe in her classroom almost immediately and started the machine quilting beginner classes on the domestic machines and currently still do.  I began longarming for Sue in 2008 with her many quilts in the shop to practice on. I immediately became hooked and learn everyday on the many customer and  students quilts I receive. I love to finish the quilt and give it back all wrapped. I like the simplicity of quilting designs to enhance a persons quilt and not take away from the quilt itself. Every now and then I like to really show off the quilting patterns when given the opportunity to do so.  I strive to learn from the many talented quilters I am surrounded with and classes I continue to take. 

We will be 'changing it up' a bit for those that are coming back.  The teachers are already working on their samples and notes for this year and we will update here as that information comes in.  

Breakout Sessions/Demos from 2018

Free Motion Skill Builder: Part I - Donna  ~  Exploring basic shapes we all know how to draw such as arcs, hooks, lines, and loops.  You will develop muscle memory as you  repeat the designs in different areas and directions until they become second nature.  Your practice squares will become your own ‘Design Resource Book’.

Ruler Work on Your Domestic Machine - Norma  ~  Free motion ruler work is all the rage! And, it is no longer a skill that only long armers can do. With Westalee rulers and templates, which are specifically designed for use on domestic machines, you can create beautifully precise quilted designs. Using the sampler set, I will demonstrate how to make circles, spirals, arcs, and more. I will show you how to mark your top using the cross hair ruler and pounced   stencil. My samples will begin with one simple shape, then add more shapes in order to create more complex designs. You will have the opportunity to try these out on the sit down machine, or your own machine if you have a ruler foot. Using these rulers is fun and addictive!

Free Motion Skill Builder: Part II - Donna  ~  Continue exploring basic shapes we all know how to draw. You will develop muscle memory as you repeat the designs in different areas and directions until they become second nature. Your practice squares will become your own ‘Design Resource Book’.

Continuous Line Designs - Carolyn  ~  A really fun and easy process to create a complex design onto a block or open square using simple lines as guidelines to create dozens of patterns using one continuous line!  Sounds complex but it's not!! Using pre marked lines begin with a simple design to create a block that your friends will think you spent hours on! Using Pam Clark's method in "Designs with lines" and "Inside the Lines" the varieties are endless!  Your blocks will look magical when they are done! Products will be available to ‘try before you buy’.

Swirls and Curls: Part I - Norma  ~  Fiddlehead ferns, wrought iron, mosaic tiles…all have swirls and curls! Taking this beautiful design from nature, artists have used it in so many forms. As quilt artists we can quilt swirly, curly designs from large scale all overs to micro fills. Starting with a basic swirl you will learn how to develop your muscle memory by tracing with your finger, drawing, then free motion quilting! Building on that basic swirl you can add curls. My samples and handouts will show you how to make a variety of swirls to try on your machine. Once you feel confident with swirls, feathers are not far behind!

Swirls and Curls: Part II - Norma  ~  If you want to take swirls to the next level, this is the demo for you! Learn how to stitch circular swirls, add echoes, and fill in spaces around swirls with shapes such as pebbles and paisleys. It’s fun to be a swirly girl (or guy)!  

*The designs in Part 2 build upon the designs and tips covered in Swirls and Curls from the first retreat. If you did not participate in that demo or if you want to repeat it, it is recommended that you take Swirls and Curls – Part I before taking Part 2.

Thread Painting - Carla  ~  The idea about this breakout session is for you to learn how easy it really is to thread paint, whether you are an artist or not. No special   machine is required. Learn to embellish your quilts by “painting” the images on your quilt top with your very own thread. Follow some basic thread painting tips, learn to use the right tools and voila’ - you will have your own thread painted project. Some ‘light’ thread painting can also be used in quilting.   Carla will be sharing a couple of different techniques both direct and using tulle and wash away stabilizer. Lots to learn and oh sew much fun!

Simple Feathers - Norma  ~  I love quilting feathers! From simple and whimsical to formal, feathers enhance just about any quilt. This demo focuses on variations of two simple feather styles that are perfect for beginners and beyond.

‘Now what do I do with my quilt top??’ - Small Group with an Instructor  ~  Friday and Saturday will have limited slots. If you wish, bring a completed quilt top and have the opportunity to sit with an instructor for a brief 15-20 minute session. This will allow some brainstorming of options to machine quilt your quilt on your own machine.



Tension Testing - Donna  ~  Do not fear tension! A ‘scientific’ approach will be explained that you can use to check lines, curves, loops and points for stitch quality to test your machine testing. Should there be some issues, we will provide steps and confidence to solve them.

Wholecloth Session - All  ~  Our first sewing session will feature an Oriental Miniature Wholecloth Stencil provided as a warm up exercise following pre-printed lines. You will receive guidelines to begin and encouraged to ‘do what you know’ to fill in blank spaces. All teachers will be available.

Machine Basics - Carolyn  ~  Machine, needles and threads - oh my!  This session will review a very basic knowledge of starting with the right tools for the right quilting piece. Have you ever sat down to begin quilting and your thread continues to break??? Is your tension off because you simply changed your thread?? A review of thread weight, types of thread and needles that perform chain functions will be explained for increased success in your quilting projects.  Good habits in keeping your machine clean, changing your needles and basic tips that will create a successful foundation for your quilting and machine maintenance.

Basting for Machine Quilting - Carolyn  ~  How do you begin to prepare your quilt for quilting?  Methods of quilt basting will be shown with easy simple pin basting using curved safety pins, pinmoors, or a spray basting product. How to avoid lumps and creases on your back, especially during your quilting process; so you don't scream when you’re done quilting! Successful beginning steps to prepare for quilt stitching from small to large quilt projects. No more fears and tears!

Quilting in the Hoop - Carol  ~  Carol will demonstrate how you can quilt with your embroidery machine block by block, or in the border with precise positioning. Show sewing space setup, design selection and placement, hooping, stitching near the edge of the quilt, and a list of "Dos and Dont's". 

Evening Program: Trunk Show ‘This is what we did and why!’ - Teachers  ~  How to choose what to quilt on your top! Demo quilts from the instructors showing a progression of techniques. Explanation of how we made choices for each quilt shown with the emphasis on what we all “can do” right now!

Planning and Marking Your Top - Carolyn, Donna, and Norma  ~  Your top is pieced and you are ready to quilt! If you need to mark your top, how do you do it?   We will show you a variety of stencils and tools to use in order to mark your quilt and which ones will give you the results you need. Then, all you need to do is layer, baste, and move on to the fun part…the quilting!

Quilting With Rulers – the Basics  ~  Learn what you need to know in order to quilt with rulers. You will be presented with the knowledge to understand different ruler sizes, which rulers can be used with domestic and long arm machines, machine shank sizes, which ruler feet fit which machines, and much more. Each teacher will present her favorite rulers! Education in ruler basics will help you make informed choices when you buy rulers and related supplies.



Skill Details:
Materials Included:
Pre-made quilt batts can be included for a fee. Call for details.
Instructor Name:
Carla Berno
Instructor Bio:
Carla Berno, Norma Ippolito, Carolyn Nieschouski, Donna Hamill, and Carol Bloomhardt.

Doe Camp: Machine Quilting Event

$ 325.00
Register on line or in the store
Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sun, Nov 15, 2020 at 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
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